The WOOFipedia BFFPack Review


Thanks to our friends over at WOOFipedia for sending the Dapper Dogs a BFFPack to try out! The BFFPack is a one-time gift bag that includes five different items: a chew toy, a soft toy, treats, flavored bubbles (omg!) and a custom embroidered dog blanket. There is truly something for everyone in this bag.

Did we mention dog bubbles?

The all around doggie hit was the large JW Megalast bone. Fitz especially enjoyed figuring out how to get the Ry’s Ruffery Treats peanut butter treats out of it. Nom!

Dapper Tip: We’re not sure if this was actually intended as a puzzle toy, but you know, stay dapper! It worked great for both our large and small dogs. The softness of the bone makes it seem like it’s better suited for light chewers but even with the task to get treats out, no one bit off any pieces. We wouldn’t have sought out this toy at the store, but with its multi-functionality we’re sure glad it was included.

fitzPuzzle toys = mental exercise!

Lady loved playing with the stuffing-free Flap Jack dog toy. We really like how soft and cute the fox is and especially love that it’s stuffing free (although stuffing AND squeaker free would be even better! Is there anyone in the world that actually enjoys that sound besides our dogs? #dogladyproblems)


The custom embroidered blanket makes this box special. The personalization is a really sweet touch. It’s large, soft and well made, too! Doobie (our senior girl) was all over this one.

You got this for me? You shouldn’t have. But why is “dogs” plural? – Queen Doobie

Gozer enjoyed chasing the peach flavored dog bubbles (no surprise there) and seemed to like the flavor. In fact, the bubbles are gone. Very gone.


A nice little bonus is the linen cinch bag. It’s light, folds up into a flat square and is just the kind of thing we like to keep around for traveling and dog adventures.

The consensus? We’re big fans. It was really fun (and adorable!) to see our dogs get excited about all their new loot. We would definitely recommend this pack to anyone with a dog OR anyone searching for that perfect gift.

Dapper Tip: The BFFPack is about $40. We did a quick price check on the retail value of all the items to see how it stacked up and found it to be a really good deal with an estimated $70 value! So there you are – the BFFPack saves time and money, and is a super fun treat for both humans and dogs alike.

Use coupon code DAPPER to receive $5 off your own BFF Pack!





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